29 May 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Just-Us League of Supertoons

Batduck proved a popular parody paving the way for a full on Justice League homage on Tiny Toons Adventures in 1992 during a segment of New Class Day titled Just-Us League of Supertoons.In the adventure, Batduck and Decoy were asked to join the League composed of Superbun,Wonder Babs, Little Dasher, Hawk Loon, Aquamutt, Pink Canary, Keen Arrow, and Scentana (extra points for the Zatanna homage). The invitation was revoked when the League realized Batduck had no powers.

Villainous Wex Wuthor also returned from the Superbabs toon, though his plan to steal powers was thwarted when he tried to drain the power of the aforementioned powerless Batduck. Perhaps not the all time classic that Bat's All Folks proved to be, this was still a clever tribute to the JLA. 

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