28 May 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Bat's All Folks

Simply brilliant. In 1990, The Tiny Toon Adventures episode Inside Plucky Duck featured a pair of shorts about the inner workings of Plucky Duck's mind.  The first short, Bat's All Folks, offered up an amazing homage to "The Duck Knight." With a story credit to Bruce Timm in his pre-Batman: The Animated Series days, its really no wonder that the episode was so amazing.

Not only did Plucky Duck don the batsuit, he actually wore several iconic versions of the suit including that worn by Adam West as well as the amped up look from The Dark Knight Returns. As if that wasn't enough, the episode even managed a shout out to the Watchmen in graffiti form. Hampton joined in as the Robinesque sidekick, Decoy.

In yet another homage, this time to the classic Looney Tunes episode, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (also homaged by Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Legends of the Dark Mite!) Batduck found himself surrounded by villains, including some silly versions of obscure Batfoes.

Also joining in the fun were the better known villains, Jackster, The Puffin, Question Mark, and Polecat Woman (parodies of Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman). This was just a great parody and a ton of fun to watch.

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