20 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Iron Cyclops

The Iron Cyclops did not prove to be the next big thing in supervillains, though his gimmick of showing the Earth's surface with anti-gravity rays was a good effort. As it turns out the cyclops was from the nearby planet of Xeron, a planet with no gravity... which I know from high school physics means it must also have no mass... which once again has me stumped. Once again this was lacking any real weight (ha ha) but it is amazing how so much story could be crammed into just a few minutes. I don't think more running time would have helped here, so at least it was short, if semi-sweet. Also, SPOILER ALERT, the Iron Cyclops was actually piloted my a frog man - not sure that was such a big reveal.

Episode Count: 0435
Series Count: (37 of 66)

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