17 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Lava Men

"Shades of Neptune, the water is on fire!" How did Aquaman manage the crisis? By calling Superman for help of course. Interestingly, the King of the Lava Men (who was responsible for the shenanigans) next drained the ocean so there wouldn't be any water to put out his fires... The only problem was that the water itself had already proven to be flammable somehow. The logic has really been abandoned by this point so I guess the fact that Aquaman flew is insignificant. Of course, the Lava Men were defeated by Superman, not with his freeze breath, but with his heat vision. Turns out he over-heated the Lava Men and I am left wondering if the writers were from Bizarro World.

Episode Count: 0432
Series Count: (34 of 66)

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