16 October 2013

Superman 75th Anniversary Short Decoded

Certainly there were some big on and off screen moments omitted (in particular Lois & Clark and Superman Returns), but this 2 minute short was still all kids of awesome. I may have missed a couple references, but I will do my best to point out those I identified starting with the opening homage to Supes' debut in Action Comics #1. Here goes:

Superman pummeled flying machines in a Fleischer styled costume like he was right out of the second theatrical animated serial, The Mechanical Monsters.

The Man of Steel vs nemesis Lex Luthor as seen in Action Comics #47.

Black and White Superman posing in honor of George Reeves' Adventures of Superman TV series. 

I would have dug this tribute to the classic Turtle Man comic Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #53 if Batman: The Brave and the Bold hadn't done the same gag already.

Superman vs Brainiac paid tribute to Brainy's first appearance in Action Comics #242.

Many Silver Age elements appeared included the giant key to the Fortress of Solitude, Bizarro, and Bizarro's homeworld, Htrae.

Superman's cousin Supergirl and animals Krypto, Streaky, and Beppo of the Legion of Super Pets  appeared (sans Comet the Super Horse).

Next up was a quick taunt from Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Clark Kent and Andy Warhol himself admired an actual Andy Warhol painting of Superman.

Supes assumed the pose seen in the first season of the Hanna-Barbera Super Friends animated series. 

Next Superman entered the ring with Muhammad Ali as seen in the oversized 1978 comic.

A highlight of the short was the rotoscope animated Christopher Reeve Superman from Superman: The Movie.

Th forgotten Atari 2600 video game was remembered with the 75th anniversary getting a clever mention in the score.

Jumping to the 90'sDoomsday and the Death of Superman comic were represented including the classic cover to Superman #75.

Of course The Death of Superman led into the Reign of the Superman story telling the stories of Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Steel, and Superboy.

The real Superman finally returned, mullet in tow.

Hoping for another Superman cash cow, the Death and Return of Superman was followed with the less successful electric Superman Red Superman Blue event.

Next, Superman: The Animated Series was remembered with Supes assuming a very iconic pose.

And in one of the rare moments of this short, the focus left Kal-El to share the spotlight with the expanded cast of the series.

The next scene paid double homage with the tower from the intro credits of Smallville in the background of Superman from the epic Elseworlds tale, Kingdom Come.

Superman then entered the modern era of the new 52, trading his trademark boxers for a collar.

Superman had time for one last reenactment, aping the first publicity still from the 2013 Man of Steel film.

 From there, Superman would show off his Man of Steel Costume before landing,

taking one last pose,

and claiming bragging rights to 75 glorious years. Did I miss anything?

Check back tomorrow for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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  1. I HAD forgotten about the Superman Atari game, but I've definitely played it before.