26 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Family Affair

You know how some shows are so bad they are good? This was worse than that. Does that mean its a masterpiece or a crap pile. See if you can guess. One aspect I liked was the inclusion of Dr. Sivana's family and how his son and daughter managed to be creepy and cost effective by having identical faces with different hair. It was also admittedly funny that the three super powered baddies wound up in a literal block of big red cheese - their nickname for Captain Marvel.

Now, I also have to say something about Uncle Marvel. Whats up with this guy. He apparently has no powers, but still dresses up as a Marvel and makes exercise videos...? In this episode, Dudley actually got powers, but The Big Red Cheese took away the trinket that gave him powers. I guess he liked not having to take orders from his Uncle. Half way through this series I am pretty pessimistic about getting anything even passable.

Episode Count: 0470
Series Count: (06 of 12)

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