28 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Little Something Extra

Even though Black Adam had been reduced to an ash pile, somehow he was still the most likely culprit... His plot wasn't very well thought out though - plant a fake story in the newspaper and then make a river explode. Sure... The highlight of course had to be the mummy-ghosts. I always love me a mummy. Though the oozing lava men were also a bit of fun. I am pretty mixed on the Mxyzptlkian defeat of Adam. While it was fun seeing him tricked into saying Shazam, he is not the sharpest tack in the box. Both tricks were awfully feeble. I also don't get why this time he was thrust back in time. I guess that's what you get when dealing with magic. 

 As for the something extra this time it may have been an extra dose of sexism as Mary Marvel got to use her powers to help her vacuum. Maybe she will use her "super barefoot and pregnant power" next episode to help make dinner. 
Episode Count: 0472
Series Count: (08 of 12)

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