29 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Girl of His Dreams


This episode of Shazam! has been referred to as the lost episode because, well because its lost. But some recent detective work has led me to believe that it may not exist at all. Maybe it was planned but never produced, or maybe it is just a myth altogether. I will present evidence for and against it and let other draw their own conclusions until more concrete evidence is presented.


Sites including IMDB and TV.com list this episode. There is an online synopsis of the episode:
Black Adam falls in love with Mary, and decides he wants to marry her. Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr come up with a plan to rescue Mary, and trick Black Adam into saying "Shazam!"


For nearly two years I could find not a trace or image from this episode.

According to the wikipedia (not the most reliable of sources, but why would it lie?)
It has been a long standing misconception that there are 13 animated episodes of SHAZAM. There are in fact only 12. "Girl Of My Dreams" is not and has never been a missing SHAZAM episode. This can be confirmed in the book Animation By Filmation.
I don't have that book, but this source sounds reliable.

The Kid Super Power Hour had three crossover episodes with Hero High. One was titled, Girl Of His Dreams starring Mary Marvel. It would be an odd choice to have two episodes of the Power Hour with almost the same title. Also Rex Ruthless kind looks like Black Adam and the synopsis listed above sounds an awful lot like this episode. 

The 2011 Brazillian release of the "complete" series sontains only 12 episodes with no The Girl of His Dreams.

SO... I am inclined to believe that this episode is in fact a myth

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