17 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Darkseid Deception

While "Hotshot" Steve Trevor had made a cameo last season, he was set for his first full scale appearance in this episode where he would be replaced by Darkseid in another attempt to woo Wonder "Angel" into marriage. The guy just doesn't give up. Honestly, its getting ridiculous and a little tiring that the most threatening villain on the show spends so much time trying to get married. I would think a villain would be fine with bachelorhood. More importantly, Darkseid is losing a bit of his threat level with all this failed romance. On the plus side, at least Wondy has gotten some extra screen time.

Anyways, after Steve got turned monkey and Wonder Woman got turned into crystal, it was another rescue mission on Apokolips - a plot that is getting a little stale having just occurred two episodes back. If I didn't know there were some gems coming up this season, I would be getting pretty depressed right now because this just wasn't good. Although to be fair, Kalibak did get turned into a balloon, +1 point for that and -10,000 for everything else.

Episode Count: 0497
Series Count: (4 of 10)

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