15 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Ghost Ship

Its clear that the Super Friends franchise was beginning to mature. Along with ditching the "Super Friends" name for something cooler on the schoolyard, Galactic Guardians, even the look of the series had adapted a less cartoony look. Galactic Guardians deserves some credit for paving the way for superhero cartoons aimed at older age groups such as Batman: The Animated Series. The inclusion of Darkseid last season was a huge step and the parademons are something that would likely never have been considered in earlier seasons. Having gone off on that tangent, this episode was a bit of a bomb.

In a plot similar to something from Men in Black, a "ghost" alien carried a necklace with her entire civilization in the amulet. Within the space of two minutes Darkseid stole the necklace and the Friends Guardians stole it back. Oh, and Firestorm made a sun. All in a days work.

Episode Count: 0495
Series Count: (2 of 10)

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