27 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Death of Superman

Superman died and it was all Firestorms fault! I guess I didn't realize that killing Superman was a recurring thing, but supposedly this episode took the lead from an out of continuity comic story - though I also picked up some serious Wrath of Khan / Search for Spock vibes, what with photon funeral, secret trance, and the recovery of the undead body,

This was a fitting end for the series having appearances by most of the team, and it was fairly excellent tale in its own right. There was also plenty of love for the Man of Steel mythology including a trip to the arctic Fortress of Solitude complete with giant key, trophies, and Superman robots. It was a little annoying that Firestorm was so up front and center in this Superman story, but it wasn't too big of a deal. Maybe a bigger question was why an alien planet had such a large stash of kryptonite - you know which comes from Krypton. I do think that even without him, the team should have been able to fend off some robots, but it was good to have Superman return anyway.

Episode Count: 0503
Series Count: (10 of 10)

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