30 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures: The League of Super-Rodents

After his initial run and a revival in the 1970's, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures was actually MMs third go around. And of course after Bat-Bat was added to the mythos, it was inevitable that soon a League would be introduced. Rather than a starfish, it was the cooperation between the Cow and Madame Marsupia that led to this first League of Super Rodents teaming. 
Madame Marsupia, who was quite hot for an animated... whatever she was, basically dared the Cow to take on the League which consisted of Mighty Mouse, Gas Gopher, Kid Hamster, Burly Badger, Mole Mom, Wonder Chuck, Guinea Pygmy, G. I. Gerbil, and more,  though sadly no Bat-Bat. Also sadly, this was not nearly as enjoyable as the Bat-Bat. Even though the League was full of cleverly named creatures, none of their characters really resonated. Maybe next time...

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