07 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Pretty Poison

Another episode, another debut of a classic Batman rogue. Poison Ivy was introduced to comics in the 1960's but it was the animated series that finally acquainted her with the masses. And unfortunately, like Mr. Freeze (who also starred with her in Batman and Robin) it would sort of be all down hill from here.

Although this was a solid outing, I didn't find this episode to be quite as compelling as some of the other villain debuts. Perhaps I just can't quite relate with Poison Ivy's motivations, nor  do I find plants to be particularly scary, or particularly seductive. Still, it was pretty decent overall. I just think there are better Poison Ivy episodes. 

In addition to Pamela Isley's debut, this episode also properly introduced Harvey Dent seen briefly in On Leather Wings. Lovestruck Harvey's inclusion as the good guy here made his tragic transformation into Two-Face all the more heart wrenching a few episodes later.

Episode Count: 0541
Series Count: (7 of 81)
First Appearance: Poison Ivy

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