20 April 2012

Lobo Movie is Coming (Again) - Santa Claus Better Watch Out

In the 90's Lobo was DC's counter to the wild success of Wolverine. Its pretty obvious now who won the fight, but for a while there, Lobo was quite the rage. He originally debuted in 1983 in The Omega Men #3. Just yesterday In 2009 it was announced that Lobo was getting his own feature film, and a second chance to be comic's biggest anti-hero. And in 2012, he's getting another shot. For a quick brush up on who Lobo is, lets turn to the Wikipedia:

Lobo is a Czarnian with exceptional strength and fortitude. He enjoys nothing better than mindless violence and intoxication. He is also arrogant and self-centered, focusing almost solely on his own pleasures, although he proudly lives up to his word – but exactly his word: no more or no less than what he promised. Lobo is the last of his kind, having committed complete genocide by killing all the other Czarnians for fun. "I'm the last Czarnian. I fragged the rest of the planet for my high school science project. Gave myself an A."

The "Main Man" as he often calls himself first appeared, with space chopper in tow, in 1996 on the Superman: The Animated Series two-parter, "The Main Man."

But that wasn't the last to be seen of the Lobinater.

This same incarnation would appear years later on Justice League hopping to fill in for the apparently vaporized Superman.

Lobo also got a fair amount of exposure on a Flash-animation web series that debuted in 2000. The web format allowed the series to get away with a lot more than would have been possible with the dancing frog on Kids WB.

Speaking of web series, Lobo of all people(?) made a cameo appearance on the Gotham Girls web series created around the same time.

In 2006, Lobo made another cameo on the Legion of Superheroes series episode "Legacy."

Perhaps the truest to source on-screen appearance of Lobo was in the 2002 short film adaptation of "The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special" made in conjunction with the American Film Institute.

 The film cost just $2,400, but also benefited from the donation of time and effort of many involved. The plot, based on a comic book published in the 1990s, centered on the Easter Bunny hiring Lobo to knock of Santa Claus so that the bunny could be the king of holidays.

Luckily, I remembered hearing about a Lobo script in development a couple months back from TheLatinoReview.com, and found this video describing the plot which looks to be the real plot of the upcoming film. This out there character sounds like it has potential to be horrible, but hopefully it turns out more like Hellboy and less like Howard the Duck. Like it or not, Lobo looks to be joining DC's select few (Superman, Batman, Steel, Supergirl) who have made it to the big screen. Now where is Flash!?

UPDATE: April 2012

Once again, the world wide web is abuzz with news of a Lobo live action movie which is great timing because the intergalactic bastich is scheduled to make his next appearance on the season 2 premier of Young Justice.

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