16 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Game of Cat and Mouse

Catwoman wanted to steal some crown jewels on display in a castle. But since the jewels were so well guarded, she just stole the whole castle. Somehow, Catwoman was able to hide the whole castle and so despite being an expert detective, Batman had to come up with an elaborate plan to find it. 

Bidding on the stolen jewels, Bruce Wayne planted a tracker on Catwoman, but while he pursued her, the Joker got in on the game tipping of Catwoman and using some trained mice to steal the jewels for himself. Luckily, cats can track "rats," and so the cat pack hunted the Joker. The two criminals fought it out until Batman could catch them. Man, I tell you what, this Catwoman is a real shrew. I think they were trying to give her a catlike voice, but its more like a cat whose tail is being pulled. I cannot imagine Batman ever hooking up with this version of the felonious feline. Oh, and by the way, Bruce Wayne's plan cost him $100,000 since he was unable to recoup his down payment bid. You have to figure, even on a "millionaire's" salary, $100,000 is not chump change.

Episode Count: 0183
Series Count: (19 of 34)

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