18 April 2012

Beware the Batman has a Trailer

To those who would hurt the innocent, beware the wrath of Batman. I admit, its a nice little tease. The Batmobile looks great in CG, although I am still not won over by the Dark Knight himself. From the glimpse I have seen, I think I prefer the look of the CG tease from the final episode of Brave and the Bold. Still, I am actually looking forward to this new series even though I am still not exactly sure what tone the series is aiming for. Hopefully something dark like Bat-Mite promised. As for the new voice of Batman, it sounds perfect.


  1. I'm comfortable with this; it feels...right.

  2. Am I the only one that didnt hate so much on Batman: Brave and the Bold? Though, I had to get used to the style. I am not alright with Pyg getting front seat, though I hope for a surprise and my pride in my mouth.

    Also, I think the woman is suppose to be Magpie.