15 August 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Neolithic Nightmare

Paraphrasing his own description, Jimmy fell in a hole in a cave, landed on a giant toad, got captured by a dragon, and then fell into a giant spider web. He didn't even mention the giant toothed bird.

Best Part: Superman's lack of compassion was amazing. Jimmy was the one encroaching on these wild beasts terrain, but Superman wasted no time devastating them.

Worst Part: Jimmy should have died from his fall and it would have been pretty pathetic to have been killed by a gentle breeze making you lose your balance. Also, who was that copy boy? Beanie? And why did he have the voice of a tough guy and the body of a kid?

Episode Count: 0028
Series Count: (11 of 60)

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  1. Beanie is a character from the Superman radio program and was brought into this show at the request of Bud Collyer and Joan Alexander.