13 August 2011

See Batman Officially Jump the Shark in Brave and the Bold Finale

It is official. After 64 episodes of awesomeness, Batman: The Brave and the Bold jumped the shark, literally, in the series finale, Mitefall! In one of  the great episodes of television, the show went meta and gave fans of the Caped Crusader one spectacular farewell love letter.

Having grown bored with the show, the extra-dimensional Bat-Mite took it upon himself to get the show cancelled hoping for a grittier Chill of the Night style replacement.  

Batman become a family man with the introduction of Kiki the Bat-Kid.

Mrs. Batman was also brought into the cave.

Batman was given all sorts of wacky variant costumes to sell toys including the extreme "neon talking super street  Bat-Luge."

Later he became Alpine Ice Climber Batman.

Eventually, Batman headed to Malibu where he surfed while fighting crime with guns and his new sidekick Punchi-chi, Ace's nephew.

Throw in a voice recast of Aquaman with Ted McGinley and the show was ripe for cancellation, leading to the introduction of the fictional next Bat-series, featuring a CG Batgirl and ending with a sentimental, yet satisfying cast party. Its truly sad to see the series end, hopefully the next incarnation lives up to Bat-Mite's expectations and the bar set by BTBANB.

Did I mention the episode also had a Batman Abe Lincoln team up versus a robot John Wilkes Booth? Well it did and it was awesome sauce.

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  1. Its just john wilkes booth in a steampunked like suit not as a robot and you forgot about batmite disappearing part