25 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Adventures of Superboy

At the same time that the New Adventures of Superman aired, Filmation also produced episodes of The Adventures of Superboy in a similar six-minute format. 33 segments including one double length 12 minute segment were made and packaged to air along with Filmation's other series including Superman, Aquaman, and the DC Comics Super Heroes. Superboy ran from 1966-69 and focused on the adventures of The Man of Steel when he was still young, hence Super"boy." Ma and Pa Kent, along with Lana Lang would make up the supporting cast as opposed to Superman's Daily Planet crew.

The series provided the animated debut of Superboy and his dog Krypto, and was pretty much the only time the Kal-El Superboy would be seen in animation. A young Superman would appear later including his prominent role in the Legion of Super Heroes, but would not be called "boy." In the 1990's a new Superboy was introduced in the comics, though the new Superboy Kon-El AKA Connor Kent was in fact a completely separate character from Superman. He also would later appear in animation beginning on Young Justice.

The series is yet to be released on DVD.

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