25 October 2011

Giant Robot Bears? Watch the Berbils Return to Thundercats

Thundercats is the new Battlestar Galactica. Now hear me out, or should I say "bear" with me through an explaination. Like the original BSG, the '80 animated Thundercats series is fondly remembered but does not hold up well outside of one's fond memories. Also like BSG, the Thundercats was given a second lease on life in the form of a reimagining that thus far has offered a superb new series while paying tribute to the best parts of the original. Up next is the reboot's interpretation of the Ro-Bear Berbils.
Watch a sneak peak below:

In my honest opinion, this Friday's episode is going to be amazing! And I am not even joking, I love this new Thundercats series.

Here is how the Berbils appeared in the original:

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