26 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Spy From Outer Space

So I had a lot of funny thoughts seeing Krypto in this episode. First, its kinda cool that Superboy had a super pet to keep him company, but then I wondered what happened to the dog between this time and the time of the New Superman Adventures? I mean the dog was never mentioned. Did he die, or leave, or what? Also, When Krypto approached Clark Kent I wondered (for a moment this was actually a real question in my mind) does Krypto have a secret identity? Or had he ever in the comics? I mean, it sounds kind of dumb, but that costume is a real give away. And if he did have a secret identity, what would he be called? Obviously he wouldn't have glasses, but maybe a fake patch of color. Anyways, I guess I am getting sidetracked.

In the first half of this double length pilot, an alien (oh great another alien themed episode) preparing for invasion caused natural disasters. Superboy and Krypto followed him to his planet, but the red sun there drained Superboy. Cliffhanger. Using some conveniently placed paint, Krypto blocked out the sun and the pair returned to Earth to thwart the invaders.

Best Part: Krypto is the real star of the show. That guy is cute and smart and he didn't even really get credit for saving the day.

Worst Part: Really? The aliens plan was to invade earth using a giant magnifying glass to burn trees? I am not sure Superboy was really needed to bust up that plan. One nuke ought to have wiped out the fleet.

Episode Count: 0078
Series Count: (01 of 33)
First Appearance: Superboy
First Appearance: Krypto

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