20 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Ghost of Kilbane Castle

I couldn't make this stuff up, but a 3 year old probably could. Lois and Jimmy decide to look for a story in an old haunted castle. The caretaker twins put on quite a show. First they planted a bomb on the road, then they dressed up like ghosts, then they used a mystical bagpipe to summon a real ghost. Jimmy and Lois decide to flee, but Jimmy took a sword along just in case which angered the ghost who then summoned a sea serpent.

The ghost also appeared to be more effective than kryptonite at robing Superman of his powers. Then the twins got back in on the action, capturing Jimmy and Lois and insisting that he take care of the ghost they summoned. Superman ended up striking a bargain with the ghost who I guess was the rightful owner of the castle.
Best Part: If you like Scooby Doo, this was pretty much in that vein, only without the unmasking at the end since it was a real ghost.

Worst Part: At one point Superman came to Jimmy's bedroom in the middle of the night to reassure him. He pretty much just tucked him in and took off. What is this, Superman Returns?

Episode Count: 0076
Series Count: (59 of 60)

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