18 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mysterious Mr. Mist

This was horrible. Things just kept randomly happening off screen. This episode must have been spliced together from leftover cut scenes. And once again, the double length only served to drive home how bad it was.

Where to begin? The villainous Mr. Mist loved changing clothes and trying to abduct Lois. First he brought a scarecrow to life which Lois called a hobo. Next it wafted into a nice pair of overalls and drove a tractor straight toward her. Rather than killing her, she somehow ended up riding on the tractor until Superman came along. Superman lifted the tractor into the sky for some reason to rescue her and the overall man somehow vanished without anyone noticing.

Next the mist possessed a tuxedo mannequin and began hitting on Lois pretty hard. Next thing you know Lois was in another tractor driven by a construction worker shaped mist. Then she was abducted by a police man, oh wait it was the mist again! Enter part 2, Lois got abducted by a bellhop, I mean the mist. Then, Superman caught "steamy" in a vacuum, but he escaped and posed as a maintenance man in a boiler room. Then Lois got abducted yet again, this time by a fireman, oh I mean the mist. Then the mist took the form of Superboy.

All of a sudden Mr. Mist decided it took on the skills of the costume it wore. I guess scarecrow and tuxedo powers weren't that useful, but Superboy strength was... well not really. Superman finally trapped the mist in the bathroom, then dropped it back down a well.

Best Part: The mist man aka Misty's voice was pretty creepy and his persistence did become quite hilarious after 5 or 6 abductions. I will admit, despite its ridiculous reason for happening, it was sorta fun seeing a semi Superman vs Boy showdown, even it was a letdown in the end.

Worst Part: What kind of company picnic only involves 4 people? Talk about lame. And why would those 4 people decide to play a game of baseball? in their work clothes no less? Also, when the mist took the form of Superboy, why did Superman refer to him as "Superboy?" If someone was dressed up like a teen me, I sure as hell wouldn't think it was really me. One more, why would there be real kryptonite in a Superman museum? C'mon. And why did it hurt the mist more than Superman!?

Episode Count: 0074
Series Count: (57 of 60)
Doppelganger Count: 0004

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