17 October 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Rain of Iron

When giant iron balls rained down on Metropolis, it was a job for Superman. Naturally assuming the balls were falling from space, Superman went into orbit and found a suspicious asteroid. As it turned out, the balls weren't originating from space but were being bounced off of the asteroid at precise angles. Superman found the source pretty quickly, but then the whole thing devolved into a hostage negotiation as Dujy had taken island natives prisoner. A missile and some mounted torpedoes later, Superman would be the victor.

Best Part: You gotta give this Dr. Dujy credit, he was able to ricochet an iron ball of Superman's back in space toward Metropolis. Talk about a pool shark.

Worst Part: Where do these villains keep getting submarines. They really need to regulate who can buy one of those. They seem to cause nothing but trouble.

Episode Count: 0073
Series Count: (56 of 68)

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