14 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Menace of the Black Manta

Not bad. There were a lot of things to like here. First of all, I enjoyed Aquaman's supporting cast. Not only do you get the main hero, but a sidekick with Aqualad (who Aquaman creepily calls "Tadpole"), a superpet with Tusky the Walrus, rideable seahorses Storm and Imp (and Mera's pink horse), and of course the undersea redhead bombshell Mera who even provided a Botticelli Birth of Venus homage as she emerged from giant sea clam. [/wolf whistle] Maybe I just have a thing for fish. Aquaman on the other hand didn't seem to appreciate her very much as he just rode of at the end leaving her behind. Not very chivalrous. I think she could do better (wink wink).

Black Manta was also an awesome villain. I know its a bit tough to take a dude in a diving suit too seriously, but he has always given me a sort of Darth Vader vibe. Add to that seizure inducing flickering eyes, and you have yourself a true menace. Unfortunately, Manta's "henchfish" were pretty ridiculous looking. I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe its just the change of scenery, but the underwater setting looked great and provided a fun environment for Aquaman and his nemesis to face off. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what else the series provides.

Episode Count: 0111
Series Count: (01 of 36 )
First Appearance: Aquaman
First Appearance: Aqualad
First Appearance: Mera
First Appearance: Black Manta


  1. Oops, must have had Superman on the brain. Even I can't give Aquman a break.

  2. No problem. Feel free to delete my comments. :) Including this one.