15 December 2011

Retrospective 2011 - Part 3

While May ushered in the summer season, things really got out of control in June and July with the release of two more Marvel movies, one from DC, the third Transformers, a direct to video movie tie in and a new live action series. 

X-Men: First Class

After X2, the X-Men franchise had been on the downward slide until X-Men: First Class attempted to reinvigorate the franchise. Even though some of the most popular mutants could not fit into the movie while maintaining series continuity, First Class still delivered an excellent story by adding depth to the characters of Magneto and Xavier. Perhaps due to ill will against previous X-Men films or because of the absence of Wolverine, the film failed to crack $150 million in the US. Still, good reviews and home video sales may be enough to ensure X-Men's second class get their deserved screen time in a sequel.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Although I stand by my original review of the movie which accused it of being flash over substance, I will say now that this project turned out a heckuva lot better than the live action film. This anthology gave many of the unsung heroes of the Lantern Corps a chance to shine. Even though it was my least favorite of the years animated films from DC it was still a lot of fun, a spectacle to behold, and a better way to win over new fans for Green Lantern than the big budget flop.

Green Lantern

I know, right? If the second Fantastic Four film taught us anything, its that a cloud does not make a great supervillain. It pains me to say it, but this could have been a lot better. I don't think it was nearly as bad as the reviews made it sound, but it did fall apart toward the end. Unfortunately, neither of film's two villains were able to make the hero seem very heroic. Even the extended version of the film did little to improve the film. The greatest tragedy is that Sinestro's character (who should have been the obvious choicer for a villain) begged for more screen time. I know there is still a great story to be told, I just hope the filmmakers get a second chance to tell it.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Some say Transformers 3 was a big improvement over 2. I disagree. Somehow I actually prefer the second movie even though I am not saying it was good. The final 45 minutes or so of the movie were pretty amazing especially the squirrel suit scenes and the collapsing building. But the whole thing ended so abruptly that it just didn't feel like a complete movie. Also, the new girl was terrible, especially her master manipulation of Megatron and the first hour or so was atrocious. Bring on TX4.

Captain America

My favorite movie of the year and a great way to wrap up the "Summer of Supers!" I loved this movie which played like a lost 80's movie with a feel like unto an Indiana Jones. Its just too bad that it had to end in the present day. I hope we are not done with Cap in WWII era and I hope a sequel is announced soon. The action was great, the cast was great, Red Skull was decent, and Cap was perfect. And it didn't hurt that I have seen how bad Cap could go with both the 1979 and 1990 attempts. Did I mention that this movie was awesome?

Premiering in July, Alphas was easily a better show than The Cape, but it just seemed to lack and personality which is why I stuck with The Cape until the bitter end and gave up on Alphas after just a few episodes. Who knows. Maybe it got better, but this show's X-Men meets CSI premise just didn't keep my interest. It did however earn a second season from SyFy, so perhaps I am being too harsh.


  1. XFC was my favorite of the year. Didn't see Green Lantern and Cap'n America til just recently and was nonplussed by GL, and like CA better, but felt like I was ruined by everyone saying they thought it was great. Thought some of the effect were a little hokey (especially him chasing the car right after getting his powers).

  2. After Cap, I would say X-Men was the next best movie of the summer, but I really liked Thor too, especially the score. Marvel basically had an amazing year.