13 December 2011

Onscreen Histories of Fire and Ice

While most of DC's ice powered characters gravitated toward villainy, Tora Olafsdotter chose the virtuous path of heroism. Ice first appeared in Justice League International #12 in 1988 becoming quick friends with teammate Fire. Fire was originally introduced in the 1979 comic Super Friends #25 based on the cartoon series as a character called Green Fury. Fire was introduced in the main DC continuity in 1986's Infinity, Inc. #32.

The duo of Fire and Ice were paired for their first onscreen appearance in the 1997 Justice League of America TV pilot.

The interview style pilot presented the tale of weather girl turned superhero Ice (Tori in this universe) joining the JLA, the team on which Fire was an existing member. 

Both Fire and Ice were members of the expanded Justice League Unlimited animated series, though Ice was relegated to bench duty.

Fire on the other hand was featured in the 2005 episode I Am Legion.

Fire was also one of the JLU members unable to slow AMAZO in the epic episode The Return.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold introduced Fire during the teaser of the series' second episode Terror on Dinosaur Island! though she did not play a huge role until later in the series.

Regardless, an evil counterpart of Fire dubbed Fiero squared off against Batman when the Dark Knight took on an evil version of the Justice League in Deep Cover for Batman!

Ice and a redesigned Fire were finally paired up when the JLI made its debut in Darkseid Descending! The two would appear together from that point on as JLI teammates facing such threats as a vampire Batman in Shadow of the Bat!

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