13 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Aquaman

It is amazing that Aquaman was the first DC hero, after Superman, to get his own animated series. I guess it makes sense that because Superman had pretty much fought every space alien / land beast imaginable and the sea was the next logical frontier.

Who better for undersea adventures than the Man of Aqua? Sadly, despite his recent resurgence (thanks to resurrection in the comics and resurfacing as a scene-stealing guest on Batman: The Brave and the Bold) Aquaman's series which debuted nearly 50 years ago was the pinnacle of the ocean dweller's career and the hero's only show as the titular character. King Arthur of Atlantis got 36 episodes which aired in 1967 and 68 as part of the Filmation produced DC superheroes focused Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure.

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