02 January 2012

Counting Down the Most Anticipated Superhero Shows of 2012 (1-10)


Without further ado I give you my most anticipated superhero shows of 2012 (Check out #11-19 here).

10) G.I. Joe: Retaliation- 29 June 2012

Its no secret that I quite enjoyed GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra for what it was. At this point I find the Joe franchise more interesting, entertaining, and surprisingly age appropriate than Hasbro's Transformers. No matter what you feel about the first one, GI Joe 2 looks to be the better movie. Cast members have been upgraded with additions of The Rock, Bruce Willis, and that girl who almost played Wonder Woman. Also, Snake Eyes lost his "gimp lips." Even though it too may get lost in the shuffle, GI Joe: Retaliation looks like it could be a near perfect summer blockbuster - you know the kind where the plot is irrelevant.

9) DC Nation

I love the concept of DC Nation just like I loved the idea of the Showcase shorts that were temporarily paired with the animated features. Lets face it, some characters are never going to get their own shows. With DC that could pretty much mean anyone except for Batman, Superman, or Green Lantern...  but I jest. Anyway, DC Nation is the perfect chance to build a following for the lesser used heroes (which is partially the reason that my least favorite idea is the Clay Batman shorts. Doesn't Batman get enough love already?). There are a bunch of ideas already announced and I am really looking forward to hearing what else is planned for the programming block to go along with Plastic Man, Super Best Friends Forever, Doom Patrol, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, Clay Batman, Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, Lego Batman, and Gotham City Impostors. Yehaw!

8) Superman vs. The Elite - Summer 2012

I have loved pretty much every one of the DC animated movies with the exception perhaps of Superman Batman: Apocalypse. So even though the title of this movie is pretty much the only thing we know about the movie right now, I am still looking forward to it. Will it be able to hold its own against All Star Superman? Doubtful. Is Manchester Black and his Elite a threat on the scale of Doomsday? Not really. So, I do have my reservations but if it is able to successfully adapt the story What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? from Action #775, it may be a keeper. A good sneak peak or trailer in February may bump this one up a spot or two.

7) Ultimate Spider-Man - TBA

I still have not completely come to grips with the cancellation of Spectacular Spider-Man which was the Web-Heads finest animated series to date. Getting cut short with just 26 episodes was a travesty but it certainly whet my appetite for more animated Spidey and if there is one shortfall of that series, it was the lack of crossover with the greater Marvel universe. Ultimate Spider-Man will incorporate other charters, hopefully including Johnny Storm and other Amazing Friends like Iceman and possibly even Firestar. I have my fingers crossed for this one.

6) The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra -TBA

Is Avatar: The Last Airbender really a superhero show? Aang did have super powers for sure but I wouldn't automatically classify The Last Airbender as a superhero show. Then again, maybe Men in Black and GI Joe are stretches too. Either way, this series looks amazing and I am very happy with the approach taken with this sequel series which is set in the future allowing new characters to play in the rich established world without creating redundant stories for our favorite heroes. I hope this lives up to the original, but even if it doesn't at least it wont trample on their memories.

5) The Dark Knight Returns - Fall 2012

Full disclosure. I believe The Dark Knight Returns to good, but extremely overrated. Batman: Year One reigns as my top Batman graphic novel but since it was already animated I guess its the Dark Knights turn for the animated feature treatment. I think this has great potential as a movie and may actually play better in film format than it does as a novel. Even though the project will be split into two parts, I will rank them together for the sake of this list - though its the epic showdown between Batman and Superman in part 2 that has me most excited. Now if only they can land Michael Keaton to voice the starring role.

4) Justice League: Doom - 28 February 2012

The first DC animated film of 2012 will be Justice League: Doom. I have some mixed feelings about this film. I think adapting the Tower of Babel story was a brilliant idea, and even though the standard Legion of Doom members are a tad overused, I can't help but shake the feeling that this is the Legion of Doom's bench players. What gets me excited is the prospect that these second stringers banded together from distant galaxies will be elevated by their near victories in the film. I am also excited to see Cyborg join the League's main line-up. Besides, Challenge of the Super Friends was one of my all time favorite superhero shows so seeing a modern take on that idea has me feeling a little nostalgic.  

3) The Amazing Spider-Man - 03 July 2012

I sort of feel like this one is still under most people's radar but hopefully buzz will build as the release date approaches. I don't mind that they are starting over but I wish they weren't advertising this as an "untold story." Its a reboot, and thank goodness. Spider-Man 3 was such a terrible movie, one that gets worse with each rewatch that I am really looking forward to the film franchise getting back on track. Its also about time the Lizard got his day in the sun. Even though some leaked Lizard art didn't look too hot, every officially released image from the suit to Gwen has looked "amazing."

2) The Avengers

Ever since the success of Iron Man this is the event Marvel has been building toward. And even though Iron Man 2 paid a price for essentially being an Avengers prequel, both 2011 films Thor and Captain America were fantastic.  Just actually getting this movie made is an impressive feat and I am anxious to see how all the elements mesh or clash as the case may be. I don't know if budgets or contracts will ever allow another ensemble superhero movie like this to be made and so I am going to make sure and enjoy this one. 

1) The Dark Knight Rises

Yes, picking Batman for #1 is cliche, but The Dark Knight Rises really does look amazing. Even Bane, who at first sounded like a bizarre choice for a villain, has my complete confidence after seeing the IMAX prologue. This is not your Clooney's Bane. The movie does not look like your standard tacked on sequel but the final part of a complete story and I am quite eager to see how it plays out. Add in Catwoman with a touch of Ra's Al Ghul and I am sold. 

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