02 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Treacherous is the Torpedoman

Believe it or not, but the shapeshifting robotic Torpedoman made his way from a creation for this animated series into the pages of the Aquaman comic; however, unsurprisingly his popularity never really took off.

He just so happened to be the leader of the unfortunately named Awesome Threesome (careful searching for that on the Internets), though in this episode he appeared solo. I must have missed why Aquaman and Torpedoman started fighting, but they supposedly had a history before Tusky discovered his sunken pirate ship hideout. Like the octomen, torpedoman reminds me a lot of a classic Mega Man villain. He is awfully silly in concept, but somehow awesome to watch onscreen. Two fins up for Torpedoman. Even though his pirate ship exploded underwater in this episode, I peeked and saw that he will return... with his threesome.

Episode Count: 0124
Series Count: (14 of 36)
First Appearance: Torpedoman

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