03 January 2012

Onscreen History of Mr Freeze

Although initially named Mr. Zero, Victor Fries made his debut in 1959's Batman #121 before claiming the chillier name Mr. Freeze in the 1960s. Freeze is arguably the best known and premier ice-based character among all of DC's characters.

Mr Freeze made his onscreen debut on the 1960's live action Batman series were he was played by a trio of actors during the series, each with a slightly different look for the frigid felon.

Freeze next appeared in animated form in the 1968 Adventures of Batman.

Next, Freeze appeared in The New Adventures of Batman in 1977. To this point, Freeze had pretty much been portrayed as a cold guy in an astronaut like suit with a bubble head.

In 1993, Batman: The Animated Series reinvented Mr. Freeze, propelling him out of C-List status in the landmark episode Heart of Ice. Now with a sympathetic background, the emotionless Freeze had become one of Batman's most compelling enemies. He was even given the focus in the superb direct to video Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero.

Hoping to cash in on Freeze's new found popularity, the villain was featured in the 1998 live action disaster Batman and Robin. The pun spouting Freeze was perhaps one of the worst aspects of the movie which paled in comparison to the animated SubZero.

Freeze got a streamlined look for his appearance in '98's The New Batman Adventures.

A cryogenically preserved head of Mr. Freeze returned in Batman Beyond so that the future Batman could also know the wrath of Mr. Freeze in 1999's Meltdown.

In the Gotham Girls web series, although Freeze did not appear, his late wife Nora's sister Dora Smithy donned the freezing equipment and a bad attitude.

Although he was given an arguably more intimidating look in 2004's The Batman, gone was Freeze's complex backstory. Freeze was more or less reduced to a petty jewel thief.

In one of the series best offerings, the fourth season episode Artifacts, an amped up Freeze played a major role in an homage to The Dark Knight Returns.

In 2009's Superman / Batman: Public Enemies, Freeze led the frozen quartet against Batman and the Man of Steel.

Doing what it did best, Batman: The Brave and the Bold mixed things up in by presenting Mr Zero and Mr Freeze as separate characters. Zero appeared in Legends of the Dark Mite! with a look based off the characters original comic book appearance.

Later in the series, Mr Freeze appeared in Chill of the Night! and Bold Beginnings wearing a costume similar to that of the 1960's incarnations.

 Once again teaming with other icy villains, Mr Freeze appeared in the opening moments of Young Justice only to be quickly taken down by the Dynamic Duo.

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