25 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Programmed for Destruction

Could it be, The Brain is back once again? If I am counting correctly, this is El Cerebro's 4th appearance fighting Aquaman. After 4 defeats, he may want to consider changing his name especially after how stupidly he acted this time. The Brain enlisted a computer's help, by the looks of it, the same computer that calculated the location of the golden-ticket bearing Wonka bars. This computer gave The Brain the idea to make Aquaman super buoyant. While mining gems to make the buoyancy ray, The Brain managed to trap Aquaman, Lad, and even Tusky in a water thickening beam, but since that wasn't the way the computer had suggested to defeat Aquaman, The Brain just left the heroes there to escape... DUH!

The Brain was never able to hit Aquaman with his buoyancy ray, instead, A-Man used a cycloptic mirror-eyed fish to make The Brain's ship float! Apparently a floating boat is a bad thing because The Brain abandoned ship. There were just so many bizarre events in this episode. I mean, more bizarre than usual. Even the cyclops fish when first shown looked like a lizard in a mud puddle rather than a fish underwater. And Why didn't the fish have a mouth? Weird stuff.

Episode Count: 0141
Series Count: (31 of 36)

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