26 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars

I know I have been ranting about how strange it is that Atlanteans can't breathe underwater, but I just realized something else pretty ludicrous. If Aquaman dies if he is out of the water for an hour, does that mean he can't even spend time in Atlantis? I mean, a quick shopping trip maybe, but for dinner, forget it. Or is it OK as long as he has a glass of water with his food? So strange. Then what is Aquaman anyways? Neither man nor Atlantean, he is an outcast with only his companion Aqualad who strangely shares that exact same genetic deficiencies.

Anyway, in this episode Aquaman teamed up with NASA to explore a water planet. To get there he rode in a water filled beaker-tube ship. Although their stay was brief, Aquaman was able to conquer the warring Quatix and Bimphabs (not Bimphars as the title would suggest) using one big squid to enforce peace, and was still home in time for dinner (with a big glass of water). Good thing Aquaman doesn't have to follow the Prime Directive.

Episode Count: 0142
Series Count: (32 of 36)

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