02 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby?

The Penguin was back again with his fine feathered henchbirds and hot on his tail was the Catwoman. For a moment I thought I was watching Batman Returns. If Batman had started talking about eating mistletoe I was not going to be happy.

A couple minutes in I noticed Robin had developed a new power of super fast clothes changing. He went from boxing in gym clothes to rocking a sports coat and tie in 2 seconds. Wonder Boy and Batgirl faced the challenge of rescuing an abducted Bruce Wayne who wasn't so tough without his utility belt. Batgirl ended up rescuing both of them which led to an awkward situation since she didn't know Bruce was Batman. So Robin had to make up some excuse about needing to drop off Bruce and pick up Batman. Anyway, by the time they got to the docks, Penguin had already been caught by Catwoman. This set up a great opportunity for Batman to chase down Catwoman on her catamaran. Once again, we were left with an episode that wasn't terrible, but it was pretty much all over the place with the villains basically passing a baton like they were in a relay race. I am taking any future appearances by El Penguino's in episodes as a bad omen.

Episode Count: 0173
Series Count: (9 of 34)

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