28 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dr. Pelagian's War

Wendy and Marvin made the mistake of saying they received a message from a big seagull, to which Aquaman was quick to say that if it was a big seagull it couldn't have been a seagull to which Batman asserted it must have been an albatross - never mind that neither seagulls or albatrosses can talk. What made Aquaman so sure anyways? They never said it was a gigantic bird, just a "big seagull." Last time I checked, seagulls weren't fish either so maybe A-Man should keep his mouth shut.

So, we got some bird facts then a lesson on the etymology of "pelagian," before receiving a nice adventure of Super Friends vs pollution. The 70's sure were eco-centric. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The junior Super Friends had a whale of a time, but once again I was bored near senseless. And the lesson ended up being that even though eco-terrorism is bad, it gets results. Well played.

Episode Count: 0206
Series Count: (5 of 16)

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