01 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Balloon People

And this is how the world ends not with a whimper, but a POP. Well, at least that's how the world would end for a population of balloon people.

So, yes. The episode really was about a family of balloon people from another planet complete with a little blue family dog. Not only could the Balloonians float, but they could change size by inflating and deflating as well. A mad scientist thought that with these balloon powers he could conquer Earth, and for the two-thirds of the episode we got to watch the Balloonians play basketball, float around, SCUBA dive with A-Man and puffer fish, and evade capture. Although the family were likable enough, this really wasn't a great superhero adventure. I will give it credit for being on the original side even if it was a pretty lame idea. Once again, "I didn't hate it" is the best endorsement I can offer. 

Episode Count: 0210
Series Count: (9 of 16)

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