31 May 2012

Advanced Peek at Titans Short Cyborg the Lifeguard

I do my best to keep on top of the DC Nation shorts schedule which often appears as part of CN's official schedule, but sometimes the listings change at the last minute. Up until today, the schedule listed this week's shorts as Sword of the Atom #2 and JLA (Justa Lotta Animals? Justice League of Animals?) - When the League's Away, the Pig Will Play. As of today, the JLA short has been replaced with New Teen Titans, Cyborg the Lifeguard which coincides with the brief video preview aired last week.

I'm down with the Titans but I hope the new shorts keep getting introduced on a regular basis. This same thing happened a few weeks ago where Shade the Changing Man got bumped at the last minute into a limbo from which he still hasn't returned. As of now, shorts listed for June 9 are also Sword of the Atom (for the third week in a row) and New Teen Titans (Taped Before a Live Studio Audience). 

Doom Patrol, Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, Thunder and Lightning, Shade the Changing Man, and Justice League of Animals are still waiting in the wings to debut and there is still at least one more SBFF, two more Plastic Man, and probably more Superman of Tokyo episodes waiting to air as well. One the other hand, Vibe is done for the time being. With only one short having been rerun so far though, I don't have much to complain about - which is unusual for me. :)

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