30 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Too Hot to Handle

Another week and the villainous climate change struck again melting likenesses of the heroes in a wax museum as well as drying up Dairy Land. In fact, the Earth's orbit was decaying toward the sun, but thanks to Professor Von Knowalot, the crisis was averted and an alien world got all greened up too, then I went out and planted a tree.

Like previous episodes, this one featured "Super-Marv" aspiring to be a hero while Wendy made him look like an idiot. The major selling point of the episode was the inclusion of the Scarlet Streak AKA the Flash. Although this wasn't the first time Flash appeared in animation, it was his first go as a "Friend" and his one appearance (like Plastic Man's a few eps back) as a guest star in this incarnation of the show. At least Flash did more than save a mouse, but this was still another treacherously dull outing making me feel like these next 10 days of SF are gonna be brutal.

Episode Count: 0208
Series Count: (7 of 16)

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