28 July 2011

Captain America (1979) - Discount Review

Heroes: Some guy that calls himself Captain America

Villains: Mr. Brackett

Diabolical Scheme: Brackett planned to detonate a neutron bomb in Phoenix and then rob the irradiated gold repository. Honestly, I had a hard time understanding the scheme.

Coolest Moment(s): When Cap's motorcycle launched from the back of his van at full speed, that was 2 seconds of awesome.

Worst Moment: The movie had one fight sequence, in a meat locker, where Cap took someone out with a side of pork. He never threw his shield, not once, and didn't even get a costume until 74 minutes into the 100 minute movie. The movie's  final sequence showed Captain America watching someone use CPR to revive the villain from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Review in 50 Words or Less:
Multiple sequences of vehicles just driving somewhere were given more screen time than the costumed hero. Cap only appeared for a few minutes and this Cap has nothing to do with THE Captain America aside from a similar colored costume and plastic shield that could double for a nacho bowl.

Recommended Discount Before Buying: 100%

Motor Cycle Scene


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