27 July 2011

Leaked Pilot Gives New Images of Wonder Woman Getting Dressed

The trickle of leaks from the failed 2011 Wonder Woman pilot has escalated. The dam has burst and lets just say the pilot is now "out there." Unfortunately, the scenes which had previously leaked were pretty much the highlights of the mediocre pilot - with the exception of the suiting up montage!

Before a superhero can look her best, she needs to put on her costume. Batman and Robin used suiting up scenes as an excuse to provide close ups of Bat butts, crotches and nipples. Surprisingly, this pilot opted for much more tasteful shots of Wonder Woman getting dressed, focusing on extreme closeups of her key implements: her lasso, bracelets, boots, and tiara. Not a single crotch or 'marketable tit' to be seen. If you look closely during the boot zip scene, you will see Wonder Woman's infamous blue boots in the background which were not worn in the pilot, but were apparently still a part of Diana Themyscira's crime fighting wardrobe. Take a look.

For an added bones, here is the well endowed action figure that caused such a stir in the boardroom with her "ridiculous breasts." Would you buy a Wonder Woman pilot action figure?

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