25 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Snafuperman

Here is one I had never head of before. Back during WWII, the US military commissioned a series of "Private Snafu" cartoons to educate soldiers. Apparently, Private Snafu was a freaking moron, so he would show the soldiers what not to do such as leak classified information or blow yourself with a mine. Interestingly, Dr. Suess was even enlisted to write some of the Snafu shorts.

In 1944, the ninth in the series of Private Snafu shorts titled Snafuperman featured private Snafu transforming into Superman (I guess transforming into superheroes was frowned upon) thanks to the wish granting of Technical Fairy, First Class. I am deducing that the moral of this one was to check your target before attacking... oh and that some bombs have time delayed fuses. Ain't that hilarious?

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