11 August 2011

Leaked Images from the Final Moments of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

A tiny, but sentimental clip of the final moments from Batman: The Brave and the Bold has leaked in which the entire cast of characters returned to bid the audience, "Goodnight."

Ambush Bug called the gang together to celebrate the shows great run.

Even the late B'wany was back for the occasion.

Even recently introduced Green Lantern Alan Scott saved the date.

Couples including Green Arrow and Black Canary got to enjoy Music Meister as he tickled the ivory to the tune of If Only He Could Love Me.

And countless other new friendships were doubtless forged.

See it yourself, while it lasts:

1 comment:

  1. I'll hold out watching until I can see the whole episode, but this series was hands down the best damn thing on TV in a long time (animated or live action.)

    It could have and would have had a much longer run had Cartoon Network not mismanaged the hell out of it.