08 August 2011

The Marvel Empire Strikes Back in 2014

And they said the superhero genre was dead. Ha! After Sony's stunning snatching of the May 2, 2014 opening weekend for the sequel to the still in production Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Studios was leaving nothing to chance. Marvel has officially nabbed both the May 16 and June 27 weekend in 2014 for as yet undisclosed Marvel movies.

There are a couple of interesting things to note. Marvel's first release is planned for just two weeks after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaving an uncomfortably and cannibalisticly narrow window of time between superhero movies. That is the same amount of time as was allotted between this past summer's June 3 release of X-Men: First Class and June 17 release of Green Lantern.What hero would Marvel feel comfortable opening so soon after Spider-Man?

Also, rather than claiming a late July date for its second release ala Captain America or Thor 2 (a date that also worked for The Dark Knight and to play host to the future 2013 release of The Dark Knight Rises) Marvel claimed a late June date. Could it be the date for Captain America 2, giving the super soldier the chance to capitalize on the July 4th weekend?

If Warner Brothers wants to release a DC film in the summer of 2014, they had better act fast and claim a date. Late July could still do nicely for a Justice League or Flash film. Perhaps the craziest thing of all is that in addition to Marvel, Sony, and Warners, there is still a chance that other studios may want in for the 2014 summer. Fox is continually churning out X-Men films to keep the license secure and there are rumors that a Daredevil or Fantastic Four reboot are in the works similarly to keep the rights in the hands of Fox studios. 2014 could be one crazy summer.

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