12 August 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Invisible Raiders

The Sorcerer used invisibility to rob a museum of rare relics. Superman tracked him down thanks to Jimmy's signal watch. Thank goodness for Superman's Pal.

Best Part: Superman landed quite a punch on that wise cracking Sorcerer.

Worst Part: I don't understand how invisibility made the henchmen impossible to catch in the museum. Invisibility and teleportation aren't the same thing. Later in the episode, Superman realized he could still hit the guys if they were invisible and started throwing wild punches. BUT why couldn't he even touch them earlier? Was this written by a 3 year old? I mean, I don't expect Shakespeare but a 5 minute story shouldn't be riddled with plot holes.

Episode Count: 0027
Series Count: (10 of 60)

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