22 November 2011

Booster Gold to get a Boost on SyFy?

Joining the ranks of comic book properties in development is Booster Gold. According to the Hollywood Reporter, SyFy has ordered a pilot script for the glory hound from the future who is probably best known for his guest role on Smallville's 10th season episode Booster.

I will admit that while I am not a huge fan of Booster Gold, I am always happy to hear of prospects for more superhero TV shows. If they make enough of them, some have to turn out well, right? DC has taken an interesting approach with the heroes its developing. Booster joins Deadman and the Spectre as a potential series for 2012. None of these guys are household names. Marvel on the other hand is working on Punisher, Hulk, Jessica Jones, Cloak and Dagger, and Mockingbird - for the most part also unknowns along with a couple of big screen rejects (sorry Hulk). Which of these projects has the best shot at actually making it to the small screen in our lifetime?

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