24 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Finger of Doom

This is more like it. The episode started of with an astronomer observing a "rogue"star when all of a sudden, the waves from the star made the entire observatory explode! Apparently, the explosion also made the scientist evil and gave him glowing red hands. Superboy's solution, destroy the star. No big deal right? And for some reason the star was pretty small and close to Earth. Maybe I am just unfamiliar with these tiny, evil, rogue stars. I guess wikipedia verifies they exist, but still, I would think it would be pretty big.

Best Part: Superboy never missed a beat. He even slept with his suit under his jammies. Talk about always being prepared.

Worst Part: No caught him "red-handed" gag. C'mon that was an easy joke, in fact I was sure the whole episode was made just for that punchline. Alas.

Episode Count: 0099
Series Count: (22 of 33)

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