21 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Gorilla Gang

Using his "geology class field trip" as a cover Superboy as Clark Kent tracked some thieves into a mine and Lana Lang happened to follow him. As a result, Supie was forced to work in unconventional means. He used his ability to be super-annoying or super-bumbling to foil the crooks. First he got one of the thieves shirt wet trying to "help" by striking a water well. Then he smoked out the thieves by helping start a fire to dry out the wet clothes. Then he helped hide some loot and used that as a diversion to cause a mine collapse. Luckily that worked out all right and a couple cops just happened to be standing around the mine entrance when the crooks ran out.

Best Part: Definitely watching Superboy light a guys butt on fire was the highlight of the episode.

Worst Part: What a tease, with a name like The Gorilla Gang, I was expecting some monkey madness not some dude with an ugly mug.

Episode Count: 0096
Series Count: (19 of 33)

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