22 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Chameleon Creature

Clark Kent was off on a safari with Lana Lang and her dad looking for a white ape. Some purple mist was seen nearby when all of a sudden a white sabre-tooth tiger chased some elephants off a cliff. Luckily Krypto made the save. Dr. Lang decided it would be a good idea to lasso the creature. That lassoing really made him mad as he then began to shape-shift into all sorts of gigantic and fantastical creatures. Superboy eventually postulated that the purple gas was "the answer." Krypto cleared the gas and the creatures changed into a white ape. All was well...

Best Part: At least there was an ape, even though he was the one friendly creature form.

Worst Part: So many problems, least of which is the fact that chameleons aren't shape shifters. Never once did the creature actually hide from anyone. The bigger deal was the plot point that "purple gas makes white apes go crazy and have super powers." Awfully random.

Episode Count: 0097
Series Count: (20 of 33)

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