13 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Devil Fish

Now I suppose it is about time I addressed the Aquacave. I get it that back in the day many of the superheroes were sort of interchangeable and made from the same mold. Green Arrow was basically a Batman clone, etc. And Aquman was just the ocean guy. Of course all heroes need a headquarters, right? Batman had the Batcave, Superman had the Fortress of Solitude, and A-Man, got the Aquacave. The thing is, an underwater "cave" complete with a "state of the art" computer doesn't really make sense. For one thing, the name is stupid. Bats live in caves, hence Batcave. Maybe the Aquacave should be called "The Reef" or something more aquatic. Secondly, the setting is just an electric shock waiting to happen, but I digress.

Was that Fluke I saw? The opening of the episode showed a cute little dolphin which appeared to be a cameo by A-Man's pet dolphin Fluke. How cute. In this episode, Aquaman decided to help the US Navy seaman test a prototype ship. The vessel was exceedingly sea worthy, but not Black Manta proof... Luckily Aquaman was able to beat off the Manta men with his water balls, but not before the seaman was sucked into an underwater air pocket hideaway. Aquaman summoned a pair of Nessies (?) letting the seaman escape. While its always good to see Black Manta, this was not his finest day.

Episode Count: 0133
Series Count: (23 of 36)

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