10 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Torp, The Magneto and the Claw

As if the last episodes team up of three super villains wasn't enough, we have immediately been treated to another villainous trio, who in the comics were called (I kid you not) the Awesome Threesome.

Magneto (pronounced mag-net-o) and Claw, like Torpedoman appear to be some sort of rust proof robuts. In spite of Aquaman and his cohorts not being made of metal, Magneto's rays seemed surprisingly effective. One beam took Tusky completely out of the fight. Maybe he had a bunch of fillings in those tusks or something. With help from "the marines" the Awesome Threesome were handily disbanded. One little thing that was lame was that Aquaman and Aqualad's seahorses, Storm and Imp, have frequently referenced names. In this episode, Mera's pink seahorse was simply called "Mera's horse." Couldn't they just make up a name like "Coral" or something. Anyway, once again, three villains was a charm for A-Man.

Episode Count: 0130
Series Count: (20 of 36)

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